Getting Started With Toolset

Toolset lets you build every part of your site quickly and easily. With this guide, you will learn to build beautiful designs with dynamic content.

Plugins to Install

On every Toolset-based site, you should download and install Types and Blocks. Types lets you add custom types, fields and taxonomy to WordPress. Blocks lets you display any kind of content any way you choose.

Designing with Toolset

Start by learning how to design pages with Toolset. 

If your editing interface looks different than the video, you first need to switch to the WordPress Block Editor.

Next Steps

Designing a homepage is the most basic thing that you can do with Toolset. Next, we’ll show how to add custom content to your site and display it.

  1. Set Up Custom Post Types, Custom Fields, and Custom Taxonomies
  2. Create Templates to Display Custom Posts
  3. Display Custom Lists of Content
  4. Filter Content Lists and Add Custom Search
  5. Customize Archives
  6. Creating and Displaying Repeatable Field Groups
  7. Publish Content and Register Users from the Front-end
  8. Display content on a map
  9. Creating responsive designs

Most of the examples in this guide are based on our Gyms and Trainers reference site.

Need help?

If you run into any problems or need our advice, create a new support ticket and our team will be happy to assist you.