We have created a training site to accompany the Beyond the Basics guide.

It already includes the required Toolset plugins, custom data definitions, plus sample data so that you can follow-along with the tutorial and see the results straight away.

It’s a simple What’s On guide with Event, Venue and Artist post types, that already includes basic templates and custom searches that we will edit or add to in the tutorial.

Specifically, in the tutorial we will:

  1. Add pagination to the Events search page
  2. Convert a list of featured artists on the home page to a slider
  3. Use conditional logic to display a placeholder graphic if the event image custom field is missing
  4. Use conditional logic to strike-through the date on events that have already passed
  5. Re-use the same View to show different numbers of upcoming events on different pages
  6. Connect Venue and Event post types in a one-to-many relationship so that when displaying events we can show the venue they take place at, and when viewing venues we can list the events happening there
  7. Connect Event and Artist post types in a many-to-many relationship so that when viewing events the artists performing can be shown and when viewing artists the events they feature at can be listed
  8. Apply custom CSS and re-use existing styles for Toolset content

Learn by doing

Follow along with the steps in this guide on a sample site we’ll create on our servers for you with everything set up so you can get started straight away.

Launch your free Beyond the Basics site

Need help?

Go to the Beyond the Basics support page and leave a comment. Nigel, the author of these pages, or one of the other Toolset team members will reply to you.

What’s next?

Step 1 Paginate lists of content