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Galleries (Grid, Masonry, Collage) of Static Images for Pages

When you’re adding a gallery to a page (like the site’s homepage), you want to upload images into the gallery and choose styling options.


Follow these steps

  1. Insert the Toolset Gallery block.
  2. Choose your gallery layout: grid, masonry, or collage.
  3. Upload images or select them from the Media Library.
  4. Select the images and click to create a new gallery.
  5. If needed, add captions to the images and click to insert the gallery.

You will now see the gallery in the editor.

There are many ways to customize your gallery, including:

  • Drag-and-drop the images to customize their order. 
  • Change the gallery style at any time and switch between grid, masonry, and collage.
  • Add and remove images.
  • Display images using a Lightbox.
  • Add image captions with custom styling.
  • Control the number of columns and spacing between images.

Custom Layouts for Collage Galleries

Collage-style galleries offer preset layouts. Here is how you can design your own custom layouts:

  1. Insert the Toolset Gallery block.
  2. Choose the Collage layout.
  3. Click the Design button.
  4. Use your mouse to draw a custom gallery layout. Make sure there are no empty spaces in your grid.
  5. Click to apply your layout.
  6. Select images and click to create and insert your gallery.

Main Toolset Block Used in this Lesson

Display images as gallery

Originally written
April 24, 2020
May 21, 2020