Zoe Shuttleworth

Toolset user since: May, 2015
United Kingdom
Contractor since: April, 2019

I come from a design background, and have been creating websites, mostly with WordPress and more often than not using Toolset components, since 2005. I sometimes work with popular themes such as Divi, but mostly prefer the level of control and efficiency that comes from creating custom themes, tailored to each project.

My portfolio:

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Type of work:
Add new features, Build a new site, Develop the functionality of the site, Help me develop something, Troubleshoot and fix problems, Update or fix an existing site, Visual design
Project size:
  • Personal
  • Small Business
  • Agency/Enterprise

I can maintain sites

Toolset components:
Types, Views
Site categories:
Blog, Brochure, Directory, E-Commerce
Favorite WordPress themes:
Custom Theme, Toolset Starter
Project budget:

Minimum budget is 200 USD