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[Résolu] Creating a list of documents that will be updated annually (e.g. policies).

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I need a list of various documents; e.g forms and polices that will be used on various pages.

I think the best way is to create a Post Field Group with File fields that is linked to pages. Although this list will be available for all pages (I will remove from pages that won't use at all by following this Even with those pages left all the forms\policies available will NOT be applicable to each. Just trying to make it easier for someone who isn't very IT literate to be able to update their forms\polices in one place throughout their site, simply by uploading a new pdf. Is this the best option?

Thinking along these lines, I've then added an Inline Field and edited the HTML so the path isn't displayed. It looks great on the backend but on the frontend it reverts to the full path. See images. Is there any way round this?


Actually re-reading the link above I think I can solve my problem in the same\similar way.

But it'd still be interesting to see if you can use link text rather than displaying the link itself on the front end when using an Inline Field.



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Thank you for contacting us and I'd be happy to assist.

To show the custom field group only on selective posts/pages, the code snippet from Minesh should work well.

I've done some tests on my website with the inline dynamic source feature and it offers no control to customize the output from the URL or file type fields. The saved URL is returned as it is.

I've passed on this limitation to the concerned team for further review and for now, a workaround can be to use the Types Fields shortcodes, which would give you more control over the output:

I hope this helps and please let me know if you need any further assistance around this.


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Actually you can just use the Fields and Text block - HTML below:

<p>Accidents can be very distressing for anyone involved so at My Nursery we follow this [types field='accident-and-incident-policy' title='Accident and Incident Policy' target="_blank" style='display:inline-block' item='632'][/types] to ensure all parties are supported and cared for, and their health, safety and welfare is protected throughout their time in the nursery.</p>

As links are quite commonly used inline, the same should work though on the Inline Field - so would be grateful if this could be reviewed as you suggest.