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Display Directory Items on Maps

Toolset Maps plugin allows you to display any content as markers on Google and Azure maps. With Maps, you can create geo-location directory and listing sites.

Installing Toolset Maps and Adding Address Fields

Once you install and activate Toolset Maps, you will see a new Address field in Types and a new Map block. Together, the Address field and the Map block allow you to create simple and fancy map displays.

Displaying a List of Posts on A Map

When you're displaying lists of directory items, you can plot them on a map as markers. You can choose between text-only, map-only and text+map displays.

Displaying a Map on A Single Post Template

The templates for single directory items can contain a map, with a marker showing the location of the items. Learn how to do this and design the marker and its popup window.

Displaying a Simple Map

Your directory site may need a "contact us" or "about us" page, which displays a simple map with your location.

Filtering and Ordering Map Markers by Distance

You can display directory items that are within a certain distance to the visitor's location, a city or any other location that you choose. This is a great addition to Views and archives that show directory items on a map.