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[Résolu] The fields and view button doesn't react in VC when used in The7 theme

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Last updated by Beda Il y a 5 années.

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Hi! The 'fields and views' button doesn't react in VC when used in The7 theme. In another theme it works perfect.
I tried already disabling 'Ultimate addons for VC' but no change. The VC comes with The7, it's been tweaked by them.
The7 is a fantastic theme to do almost anything, but thruth is that JS-related problems are existing and always were.
Anyway I guess you want to make Toolset The7-proof as well, so here is a main problem to solve 😉
PS in case you'd need a user account, no problem if it's within short time (i have presentation to make very soon and there is a lot of work to be done yet)


We have heard (and also handled) of several issues with The7 Theme in past.

This might be one more conflict.
Sounds like some JS Conflict.

1. Can you disable ALL Plugins and use a Fresh The7 Download, and Toolset only to test this:
- check the console in your browser for JS Errors
- enable WP Debug and check the site for any errors:

2. Check if "Fields and Views" Button works elsewhere with the same theme (But of course not in a VC instance)

3. We integrate with VC since a while, if you use VC, we provide some extra features in the Content Template editors.
Is that working?

I will also open a private Reply where you can add the The7 Theme (fresh copy) so i can make tests on my own as well.


hi Beda, I'll provide you with that for testing on new install, with some additional info that i'm collecting while working. Please put a longer 'closing date' on this ticket since that will take a least two weeks to prepare for you (too busy now) Thanks!


I can not change the closing date on posts, but you will anyway receive a message when ever the Clean Up Robot is reaching this Post here.

Then you simply drop a message here and the post is reopened.

Please inform me in case you need a Private Reply for eventual access details.