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[Résolu] Reverse Index loop with pagination

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Hi, Is it possible to number posts in pages in a descending manner?

page 1
- 87 post title
- 86 post title
- 85 post title
- 84 post title
- 83 post title

page 2
- 82 post title
- 81 post title
- 80 post title
- 79 post title



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Hello. Thank you for contacting the Toolset support.

Toolset View's offers a shortcode [wpv-loop-index] but it works to display the Ascending index.

Maybe you can file a feature request to allow this shortcode to support Descending index as well using the following form:

You need to write your own custom shortcode to display index in descending order. Please check the following related ticket where I've shared the solution to add the index in Ascending index using the incrementor shortcode:
You should adjust the shortcode to decrement the value.