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[Résolu] List custom tags belong to custom post

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Dear Sir/Madam,

I have a custom post type and custom categories and tags, I refer to the function wp_get_post_tags() but it doesn't support the custom tags, how can I get the list of tags belong to the post if I have the post id?

Best regards,



Christopher Amirian

Languages: Anglais (English )

Hi there,

Toolset uses standard WordPress taxonomies when you add them via the Toolset options. It should work with the normal WordPress functions, but just to let you know there is a shortcode that you can utilize to retrieve the list of taxonomies.

For more information:

In the shortcode ITEM attribute you can provide your Post ID, for more information:



Christopher Amirian

Languages: Anglais (English )

Also please check this ticket where the supporter suggested using the get_terms WordPress function:

Get Terms reference:

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Dear Christopher,

Can I use the shortcode to get specific post's category?

My custom taxonomies is healthqa-tag, I want to do

echo do_shortcode('[wpv-post-taxonomy type="healthqa-tag" separator=", " format="link" show="name" order="asc"]');

but for specific post.

Best regards,



Dear Christopher,

I finally fix my requirement but still need your help.

                        global $post; 
                        $post = get_post( $_REQUEST['p'], OBJECT );
                        setup_postdata( $post );
                        echo do_shortcode('[wpv-post-taxonomy type="healthqa-tag" separator=", " format="name" show="name" order="asc"]');

I want to add custom style to each taxonomy, for example

<span class="mytags"> .... </span>

Christopher Amirian

Languages: Anglais (English )

Hi there,

Unfortunately, it is not possible to add HTML instead of the separator in the shortcode.

It is possible to do custom PHP coding for that which is outside of our support scope. I will try to describe what will be the steps but we will not be able to code it for you.

You can create a custom shortcode:

Which you can retrieve the tags using the wpv shortcode there.

Then you can split the comma separated list to a PHP array:

hidden link

After that you can add your HTML code to each member of the array and mis all in a string:

hidden link

Now you can echo that string which will contain the formatted list.

Then youc an use that custom shortcode in the View instead of the wpv shortcode.