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[Résolu] Custom field group is not saving

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I am trying to: create a new custom field group (a test field called 'Testagain' ). It says it saves but it doesn't show up in the Post Field Groups page (see screenshot). It also doesn't show up on the post edit page. The new fields do appear in the Post Field Control and the field group is listed as being assigned to them (see screenshot). Why won't it show up properly on the Post Edit page or the Post Field Groups page???

I have already deactivated all the other plugins and changed back to 2015 theme. No difference.

(It also didn't save properly when I added a new field to one of my old field groups - and my old field group no longer appears on the post edit page either even though I didn't change any of the settings about where it should be displayed.)



I’m Mohammed: the Toolset support team leader. I’ll give my best to help you to achieve your needs through Toolset components.

Could you please ask your hosting company to increase the MaxInputVars from 1000 to 10000 ?
Then test the issue.

Please try to replicate the issue and see if any errors would appear in the browser console and share the results with me in the next reply.

I'm waiting for your reply.