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[Résolu] Create a Searchable View, filtered to only contain posts in specific categories

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I need a View that outputs a grid of posts, but filtered by chosen post categories.
I want this View to contain a search function with a drop-down list (or checkboxes) for those specific categories.
I have created the View using Toolset Blocks.
Under the "Content Selection" > Query Filter , I've applied a filter on the taxonomy to only show the categories I need.
But - when I add a Search for the categories (either a drop-down, or a check-box format) it loses the Query filter - the search displays all category names, and the View output loop shows posts from ALL categories.

It feels like I am missing something really obvious!



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Thank you for contacting us and I'd be happy to assist.

Your observation is correct and this is the expected behavior. If a static query filter for a taxonomy is added through "Content Selection > Query Filter", it will be overridden by the dynamic query applied by the front-end search field for that same taxonomy.

To achieve what you're planning, you'll need to take care of two things:

1. You can hide the unwanted category term options from the front-end filter using custom CSS code, so that the user can't select them.
( it would be simpler if you use the select/drop-down type filter )

2. To dynamically apply a static query filter for the selected categories, only when a user has not selected it from the front-end, you can remove it from "Content Selection > Query Filter" and instead apply it through the "wpv_filter_query" filter:

You'll find a relevant usage example in this reply:

I hope this helps and please let me know if you need any further assistance around this.



Hi Waqar,

I had assumed that once I had set the Query filter to control the content of the View, the search drop-downs from the category would inherit those settings and only display the options specified in the filter.
(That would be a really useful option, no? )

I think I'll just scrap the idea of including the search and go for buttons hardcoded to category archives instead.




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Timezone: Asia/Karachi (GMT+05:00)

Thanks for writing back.

I've performed some further tests and can confirm that the static query filter is not added with the dynamic front-end search filters, but the dynamic one overrides the static one.

You're welcome to share this as a feature request at:

Meanwhile, using hardcodes category filter buttons sound like a good alternative.