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[Résolu] Can I filter by the same Custom Field twice?

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Problem: Can I filter by the same Custom Field twice, in a View? Like filtering by some values in the Query Filter and then by some other values (of the same field) in the Parametric Search.

Solution: No. Each Field, Taxonomy or other data can be used only once per View Query (Filter and Parametric Search)

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I have a real estate site that is listing model homes.

There is a parametric function on this page: hidden link where users can filter the results based on their criteria. I am having trouble with the "Max Price" search filter though. I need it to check against 2 different custom fields, instead of just 1. I’ll try to explain:

Right now, if you type in 300000 in the Max Price filter, you won’t see any results because the filter is comparing the price to a number entered in the "max-price" custom field. The problem is that these homes have a price range instead of a fixed price. I need the Max Price filter to check against both the "min-price" and "max-price" custom fields. Is this possible?

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If the max and min price Fields are 2 different Fields, you can set up 2 different Parametric Search Fields and that will then check against each fields values.

If the max and min prices are actually stored as one price in one field, you can use the comparison Function option in the parametric Search GUI and tell Views to compare the values "BETWEEN" and not as "=".

I added a screenshot of this setting.

This are the only possibilities you will have with Views / toolset.

Related DOC:

Please let me know if you need more infos.


Ok, that’s what I was afraid of. Thanks for the reply, Beda. I’ll have to think about how to best sort this out.