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Templates for Single WooCommerce Product Pages

You might need to show WooCommerce products in a unique manner. You might want to create a custom layout for your single-product pages and also display your custom fields and taxonomies.

Before you begin designing your templates, create a few WooCommerce products.

Creating Custom Templates for Single-Product Pages

Creating Custom Templates for WooCommerce Products

Your template can use a layout of your choice and include both standard WooCommerce fields (Product Price, Product Rating, Product Reviews, etc.) and your own custom fields and taxonomies.

Assigning Templates to Posts Conditionally

You can create different templates for different types of products. Then, create conditions for when to use which template. You can create conditions based on WooCommerce fields, custom fields, taxonomies, and more.

Creating a Custom List of Related Products

Creating a Custom List of Related WooCommerce Products

On a single product page, it's often useful to display other related products to customers. Learn how to easily and visually display such lists.

Selling Simple WooCommerce Products in One Click

Sometimes, your store needs to sell simple products without a need for quantity or cart. You can enable a one-click purchase and take users straight to the checkout.