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[Résolu] Using Mapbox instead of Google Maps (or any other suggestion?)

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Tell us what you are trying to do?
Hi there!
I really don't have a problem right now. It's more like asking for a suggestion.
I tell you this, because you can put my ticket on the bottom of your list. No pressure, no hurries.

I have a website using Google Maps where I list locations.
You can see it online here.
hidden link (All locations available)
or here
hidden link (A single Route)

I would like to have "Routes" with linked locations ( with 'linked' here, I mean points with a line between, not "hyperlinked". Just to be clear...) more that isolate points on my map.

So, I found this website, which makes (more or less) what I would like to reach.
hidden link
(As you can see there are some points linked by a line, making like a "Route")

I saw this website is using Mapbox, and as far as I know Toolset doesn't work with Mapbox.
is there any workaround or any suggestion to make my website work like this one?
Can you image any solution for me?

Thanks a lot team!



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Hola Jaime

We don't have support for Mapbox and OpenStreetMaps. It's one of our most requested features, but I can't say when such support will be added.

To implement something like this you would need to work with the Google Maps API, start here: hidden link

The key thing you will need to be able to do is to access the map object once it has been created by Toolset Maps so that you can manipulate it using JavaScript as per the official API documentation.

To give you an idea of what's involved, see this code example for drawing a circle on a Google Map: hidden link

Your case is different, but it demonstrates what is involved interacting with the Google Map object.


Thank you for your info Nigel.

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