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[Résolu] Using isotope with select groups

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I have a test page where you can see three independent filters working together using isotope to filter some test posts.
Working example with buttons: lien caché

I managed to get the above working by following examples at lien caché

I want to re-create this with select lists instead of the rows of buttons, but it's not working.
When you select any option from one of the drop down lists, everything disappears
Broken page with select lists: lien caché

I've tinkered with the JS for several hours and cannot figure it out. I'd be very grateful for some assistance.
Many thanks



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Please find a complete working example at lien caché


Hi Waqas,

Thanks, I followed that and it will work fine if you just have ONE select group.
I got it working here: lien caché

BUT - In my test example I have 3 select groups, and I need it to behave as though there were an AND condition between all three select groups.

My other example, with the buttons, does work correctly to take into account the choices within all 3 sets of buttons. (Button version: lien caché )
I just need to figure out how to do the same with the drop down lists instead of the buttons!

I've followed all of the examples and some code you provided to someone else in another thread. This was very helpful in getting the buttons version to work, but for some reason I cannot achieve the same thing with the drop down lists and it would be amazing if you're able to help me solve this.

Many thanks



Les langues: Anglais (English )

Fuseau horaire: Asia/Karachi (GMT+05:00)

I suggest contacting our Certified Partners at for such a customised solution. They can work closely to help you achieve these requirements.


I've now sorted this. I noticed that the StudioPress site uses this same functionality on their page where you can choose their themes.
I looked at their JS, and was able to get it working.

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