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[Résolu] Using • Don't include current page in query result • on intermediary post

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Actually, I had a logic mistake in my suggested code. get_the_ID() will return the ID of the current post, which is the intermediary post. We need to exclude the product post, which is the child post. The following code works as expected:

function other_exhibits_shortcode_function() {
  $parent_id = do_shortcode('[wpv-post-id item="@exhibition-work.parent"]');
  $child_id = do_shortcode('[wpv-post-id item="@exhibition-work.child"]');
  return do_shortcode('[wpv-view name="other-exhibition-works" parentpost="' . $parent_id . '" posttoexclude ="' . $child_id. '"]');

add_shortcode('other-exhibits', 'other_exhibits_shortcode_function');

Now it returns only 5 posts instead fo 6. hidden link


Thanks Jamal,

Bon travail!

I will go over this solution and try to learn from it.

I see I also had the shortcode in the top template as well. Reason why we are seeing things three times.

You might have seen the site crash there as well earlier on. I was experimenting with another function elsewhere on the site. Apologies for that.