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[Fermé] Sort taxonomy by custom field internal to a form

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I have a form called "Activity". The form has a taxonomy "Days of the Week", with elements Monday, Tuesday, etc. The "add Activity" form displays the Days of the Week in alphabetical order (Friday, Monday, Saturday, etc.). I can add "1 Sunday", "2 Monday", but that clutters up the selection, especially since it's also a query field for a different

I added a "sort order" custom field to the taxonomy, but it's not selectable when adding the taxonomy field to the form, so it's not usable for this purpose. I don't see any way to include a query over taxonomy and add that to the form either.

What is the link to your site? Behind a firewall.


Hi, there's no built-in way to assign an arbitrary order to these field options, unfortunately. One way you could achieve this sorting is to create a generic field and populate the options for each term manually. Since there are only 7 options to consider, this shouldn't be too difficult to maintain. Use the cred_save_data hook to capture the User's selection and add the appropriate term or terms to the post after the form is submitted.

Let me know if you have questions about using Toolset's APIs and I'll be glad to offer guidance.

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