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[Résolu] Single post type – 404 error

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I am trying to: Open a single post type page, it returns 404 error.

Link to a page where the issue can be seen: lien caché (open up any from the list below)

I expected to see: Listing details

Instead, I got: 404 error.

So, we have around 300 clients +-. It started few days ago. What I found out and it's been working as solution is if i go to Toolset - Post types - (for this example) Listings - Save Post Type it works fine.



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Do you have any kind of redirect plugin or code active?

I visited the page you linked to.

The first result on the page links to lien caché

But when I click the link, it takes me to lien caché

and that displays a 404.

I suggest you create a staging version of your site and disable all non-Toolset plugins and re-test. You may also need to switch theme if it includes any code customisation.

Does the problem still occur? If not it point to a code conflict, and you can try to identify the source through a process of elimination as you re-enable plugins.


Nigel thanks for support. I still didn't figure it out but using wordpress settings - permalinks - save helped it. I'm closing this ticket because i do not longer think it's a toolset issue.

zeljko-turkaljS a confirmé que le problème avait été résolu sur 2024-03-06 07:06:06.
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