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[Résolu] Multiple images – in CRED edit form want to display images as thumbnails

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Last updated by Beda Il y a 5 années et 3 mois.

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I am trying to:
Have CRED entry and edit forms (all working fine). One field is multiple images. Everything worls fine. However, when using the CRED edit form, existing images are displayed full size. Want these to show as thumbnails. If I add another image, it displays as a thumbnail after uploading, even though existing ones don't

I expected to see:
Multiple existing images in CRED edit as thumbnails

Instead, I got:
Full size images

What can I do to modify the CRED code to display thumbnails?

Uploaded image shows CRED edit with existing images full size and 4th image just uploaded as thumbnail.


I have to apologize for 2 things:

1. The issue you mention

2. The issue you would find when you would update to the latest CRED version 1.7

The issue you mention I can not solve, it's an issue in the outdated Plugin most certainly, but, the issue #2 I reported and the DEV will look into this.

Basically, if you update, the Repeating Image Fields will not show the Image at all in the CRED Edit Form.

And that is not good, I think it is worse than having them full size.
I recommend to stay with the current situation until this is fixed, which maybe can happen soon as a hotfix.


Hi Beda
I'm inclined to agree with you! Having no images in the edit form would confuse. How could images be deleted if they don't show up!
So, I'll await a new version. Is it okay to leave this open until a new working CRED arrives?
Thanks for the quick response.


Now this shoudl be solvedd with CRED 1.7.1

Please download it from your Toolset account and confirm.