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[Résolu] Last update broke my woocommerce single product page

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Last updated by OliverJ8211 Il y a 5 années et 9 mois.

Assigned support staff: Beda.


I am trying to: get the single product page back the way it was.

I visited this URL: hidden link

I expected to see: The regular woocommerce single product page

Instead, I got: A full width product page that doesn't have the margins and padding of the theme.


An update on this would be greatly appreciated.


I apologize the delay here
Thank you for contacting us here in the Support Forum and for providing the Debug Informations

Could you please elaborate a little more on this point
❝get the single product page back the way it was.❞
so I can better understand?

Sometimes screenshots illustrating what you mean may go a long way to clarify what words fail to transmit, so if you like, make use of "upload an image" below the comment area.

Could you describe what is not as before and how that page should look alike?

If you can exactly tell the (which) update is changing your Design, please let me know as well, then I can try to reproduce this.

Please could you provide me the additional Infos?

Thank you for your patience.


Hi Beda,

Thank You for your reply. Attached you'll see a screenshot of the menu page(on left) and the single product page in question on right.

You can see that under the headwrapper in the correct appearing menu page their is a bodywrapper and corresponding div wrapper-4. The single product page how ever no longer has the bodywrapper or the div wrapper-4 even though they both are assigned to the same page template in the theme. This happened after updating toolset plugins and wp core.

You can also see the single product page has the breadcrumbs menu in the top right which was not there before.

Let me know if you need more info.


Image didn't attach trying again with smaller image.


Could it be that the settings in Views > WooCommerce Views have been reset?

Please head to that screen and ensure that all is set as you have had it previously.

If that does not help, can you (do you have the chance) to provide me a snapshot of a site where you have a working copy of the Plugins running and all looks as it should?

Then I could try to reproduce, updating once by one Toolset and WP Core.

But I suspect it could be the settings of Views or perhaps you use a layout as well in this page and that got unassigned?


The Views > WooCommerce Views was one of the first things I checked. I am not using views with any other installs with WooCommerce so I can't provide a snapshot. The only example I could have had would be this site before the update. I would assume you folks have one set up for testing.

I am not using a views layout for the single product pages. I am using the default WooCommerce plugin layout.


Thanks for the Details

Yes that would also work, I will activate a private reply area for you to provide the details.

Locally I am not able to reproduce this issue with the latest Toolset, WooCommerce and WooCommerce Views.

Since you are not using Toolset on Single Product Pages, could you also previously try to disable Toolset plugins one by one to see which one is causing the conflict?

Please could you provide me the additional Infos?

Thank you for your patience.


Do to the NDA with client I cannot give you access. I will use css to make it look right. Thank You.