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[Résolu] How to get a field from a specific scratchpad record

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I am trying to:

I want to create a record somewhere in the WordPress database that contains data for use globally throughout a website and also by php programs that will create and modify data in a post type called "products".

The data could be anything but includes some parameters that will be used to calculate a sale price from a trade price.

The parameters could include:
- mark-up percentage
- fixed cost
- minimum value

So in the php programs there will be a calculation similar to:
= max of (minimum value, ((trade cost * mark-up percentage) + fixed cost))

I know that I can embed this data in the php programs and also include it in templates but I would like a simple single place where it is stored and can be easily changed by a non technical user.

So, if the business decides to change mark-up percentage from 35% to 30% and then rerun the appropriate php program it is easy to do via a CRED form.

When displaying in a template, I am looking for something that effectively does the following:
display "mark-up percentage" from post type "scratchpad" record id "3456"

In the php program fields needs to be accessed via the appropriate php code, which I expect the programmer to be able to work out.

I have tried to describe this in a generic way in case it is of use to others.

Any help/guidance would be appreciated.

Many thanks


Dear Tony,

Since those parameters is for "globally throughout a website", I suggest you store them into your database table "wp_options", then you will be able to get the parameters value anywhere in your website, with wordpress function get_option()
A safe way of getting values for a named option from the options database table.

but there isn't such a feature within CRED form or Types plugin, it needs custom PHP codes,according to our new support police, we do not provide custom codes support:
so I suggest you check out our certified partners for it:


Thank you Luo