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[Résolu] How Can I Change the Size of the Marker Popup?

Ce fil est résolu. Voici une description du problème et la solution proposée.

Problem: How can we change the size of the Marker PopUp windows?

Solution: Those pop ups are adpated to the size of the map. If you increase the Map's size, those will adequately also oncrease in size.

It is not reccomended to increase those without increasimg the Map itself as other wise at some point, the Marker PopUp will cover the whole Map

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I am using a Google Map to show pins for neighborhoods on a password protected page: hidden link but the popup markers don’t resize with new content.

The password to view the page is MonicaB

If you click on the Southernmost pin on the map, you will see the popup for "Ventana" -- one of the neighborhoods. In the popup, you will that there is a separate scroll window. How can I make the popup height & width auto adjust to size of the content?




I do not suggest to change this.

If the PopUp is self adjusting it will at some point cover all the Map.
Just imagine you have a slightly bigger content than right now, it will fast cover up all the Map

This is not what you want, right?

That DIV which produces the Pop UP also has no Unique ID or class to address.
You could change the width and height with CSS, but as mentioned, I do not suggest this.


Ok, thanks for the reply, Beda. I changed the size of the map itself instead & the popup adjusted accordingly, which allows me to use more content without scrolling in the popup.