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[Résolu] elementor and layouts conflict

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Last updated by Ido Angel Il y a 4 années et 2 mois.

Assisted by: Nigel.



Two issues, actually:

I'm using an elementor template to display content of posts within a certain taxonomy (something I can't do with toolset, unfortunately).
I am also using a cred form to allow users to populate these posts from the frontend.
All is well - until I try to allow them to EDIT the posts, too. That's because I need to use a layout for the post-edit form, and once I do that, we have a situation where there's a layout inside an elementor template - and the result is that the form data doesn't save at all.
So - is there a way to either:
a) solve the layouts/elementor issue?
b) allow me to create a content template to display the contents of posts under a specific taxonomy? In elementor I'm using at least 5 separate templates to show posts under different taxonomies.

When I'm creating a new post with my cred form in the frontend, in WYSIWYG editors, the HTML isn't preserved, only the text. So if I insert an image or color the text differently, the HTML doesn't show up and everything just looks like plain text.




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Screenshot 2020-01-02 at 11.28.40.png

Hi Ido

Ordinarily you wouldn't use two page builders at the same time, and we would recommend using either Layouts or Elementor, but not both.

What's your preference? To use Layouts, but you can't for these pages because you don't have the option to only use certain templates for certain posts with certain taxonomy terms?

Or to use Elementor for everything, and you are only using Layouts to act as a container for edit forms?

If it's the former, I can investigate whether it is possible to filter which Layouts template is used when rendering posts so that you can dynamically switch template depending on the taxonomy term assigned to the post to be displayed (I'm not sure it's possible, but I can dig).

If it's the latter, you would likely have less of a problem if you disabled Layouts and used Views Content Templates to host the edit form.

For the second question, there is a setting that may be relevant here (screenshot).

What role do your users completing the forms have?


Hey Nigel,

Thanks and a happy NY 🙂

Regarding the first issue:

I would go with the latter option, but I'm not sure how I can populate the edit form within a content template instead of a layout. When I insert the "edit post link" it specifically asks me to choose a layout, not a content template (see attached img).

Regarding the second issue:

I have this option already selected, but maybe the "allowed html tags" in the forms settings would do the job? (see other img attached). Anyway, basically all users other than "guest" should be able to use the forms.





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With edit forms which require "hosting" inside a Toolset template, it was envisaged that you were either using Layouts—in which case you can only host your edit forms inside a Layout—or were not using Layouts, in which case you would host your form inside a Content Template.

It's either, or. If Layouts is active on your site, you cannot host your edit form inside a Content Template, you must use a Layout template.

So using a Content Template would only be possible if you were willing to disable Layouts on your site entirely.

Regarding the forms, what kind of HTML tags are you trying to include.

I just tried a simple test as a guest user submitting a form that included a wysiwyg field where I was able to include simple formatting tags such as b, ul, li etc.

Do you have a specific example I can test to reproduce?


I never realized deactivating layouts allows me to use content templates instead. This worked!
Also, what I did with adding the allowed html in forms - worked for the other issue.
Thanks Nigel!

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