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[Résolu] Cred Setup

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Last updated by filipV-3 Il y a 4 années et 10 mois.

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hi, one question as i'm doing my first site with CRED. Beda wrote that i should continue making my 'custom post type' and next i should generate the form.
So i continued making that custom post type (very long, complex one) and i worked with different field groups in that post type, in order to make some visual order between the sections (like: first is 'personal data', second 'contact data', third 'profile' and so on - all together as one long post type)

Now i wanted to generate that cred form, and i noticed that those are generated per field group and not per whole post type at once?? Does it mean that i need to redo everything as one field group? Or can the different cred forms be handled together as one (when user will edit their input), so that they wont have to open, edit, save each field group separately, but perhaps as one whole thing where one cred form follows automatically the other when editing?

Those how-to-step-by-step things are hard to get from the manual 😉




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Hi Filip

I'm not sure what the problem is, whether you have created the form and the results were unexpected, or whether you have read the documentation which has described something you weren't expecting (or wanting).

Let's say you create a custom post type 'client'.

You create 3 custom field groups ('contact', 'projects', 'pipeline') each with several custom fields, and assign the field groups to the client post type.

Now in your CRED form to publish client posts, if you autogenerate the form, all of the custom fields belonging to the 3 custom field groups will be added to that form, arranged together in groups, i.e. the contact fields together, then the projects fields together, then the pipeline fields together.

You can modify the markup for the CRED form as you please. The CRED shortcodes are important, but the surrounding HTML markup can be changed to suit your needs, and you are free to re-order the content.

If you want to add advanced conditional display, so that a field group is only exposed once an earlier field has been completed, you can read about that here:

If your experience is different and your field groups are not being added to your form, first check that the field group is assigned to your custom post type, and if so, let me know.


hi Nigel, great, you totally answered my question 🙂 Thanks!!