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[Résolu] CRED Form: Only show taxonomy terms created by current user

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Last updated by davidS-53 Il y a 2 années et 3 mois.

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I have a custom taxonomy called "location". In a CRED form, is it possible to only list out the "locations" that the current user has created? Something equivalent/behaving similarly to author="$current"?

If not, would you have any suggestions as to how to achieve that? Perhaps a custom field that stores the user ID of whoever created it, and filter the select field based on that? Any tips would be appreciated.



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Hello. Thank you for contacting the Toolset support.

Well - there is no option available to display the current author terms. You are welcome to submit the feature request for the same:

However, if you know how to grab the IDs of current user terms, you may try to delete it using the custom JS code. Please check the following link:
(This is not a complete solution but at least you will get idea how you can delete it using custom JS code)


Thanks Minesh, that looks like it should do just fine.