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[Résolu] CRED 1.8 and FooGallery Problem

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Last updated by tony Il y a 6 années et 6 mois.


I am setting up a new WP site with
WP 4.6.1
Toolset Starter Child Theme 1.3.7
Types 2.2.1
Views 2.2

I am finding that CRED 1.8 and Foogallery 1.2.15 cannot co-exist.

When either one is active - no detected problems but when both are active I have problems with
Appearance > Customise
Appearance > Widgets
Appearance > Menu

actions. I have used Twenty Twelve and the same problem exists.

I suspect the problem is with Foogallery but thought it useful to report the issue in case anyone else is having similar problems.

I will just choose to use either CRED or Foogallery and drop the other plugin.


I think this is a memory problem so am closing thread and investigating.