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[Résolu] access of relationship cpt

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Last updated by Ido Angel Il y a 3 années et 1 mois.

Assigned support staff: Nigel.


My woocommerce products have relationship with a cpt called "sarig-products".
I restrict access per role to each product - only users with role "partner" can see the product called "partner", and so forth.
I made a layout for non-logged users (guests) with a login form, which is redirecting them after login to the product they are matched for (using the plugin "peter's login redirect).
But - when guests go to the product, instead of getting the login form once, they get the login form 5 times: the product + the 5 "sarig products" related to it. But I haven't restricted the "sarig products" cpt. By the way - I also get to see a text paragraph I entered in the single-product template made in elementor.
If I change "What to display for single-posts when there is no read permission" from the layout to the default error, I get the error fine, e.g just once.
This looks like a bug. Is there any way around this?


So - I understood there's stil a compatibility issue with access and elementor.... so I converted to blocks! works 🙂


Ok - maybe someone DOES have a solution? Because I'm using a one page checkout plugin which doesn't work when I am using the woocommerce views template....
So , maybe we can either:
1) find a solution to the access/elementor problem
2) find how to make the plugin work when I'm on the woocommerce views template...



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Hi Ido

It is not recommended to use Layouts and another page builder such as Elementor, you should choose one and stick with it.

So if you intend to use Elementor, I suggest you don't use Layouts.

You should be able to insert a log-in form into an Elementor template by adding the shortcode to an Elementor text module.

Do you want to reconfigure that and then see if you still have the original problem?

I can then get more details of that and see how to proceed.


Hey Nigel!
I can add the shortcode, no problem - the issue is that I can't use access with this page.
I login form to show only for guests, and the product to show only for logged in users. But when I put the product in a "post group" in access, It doesn't work (see images).



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Timezone: Europe/London (GMT+00:00)

If you are using wpv-login-form to insert the log-in form, it should only appear to guests, not logged-in users.

I'll need to take a look at your site to see if I can understand what is going on, I'm having problems understanding your description.

I'll get back to you later.


Ok - I think I got the problem.
Let me try to explain:

I have a product. It's created with an Elementor Single-Product template.
I want to restrict access to this product, so I created a post group in "Access" and added the product to it. For not logged-in users (guests) I created a layout with a login form. And things go wrong.

From what you're saying, I gather that the issue is the error message I chose for the post group. If I choose the regular error message, things work OK. But If i redirect to a layout, then - like you said - it mixes layouts with elementor and that's wrong.
I'll try creating a 404 page with elementor which will hopefully act as the "default error", then I might be able to avoid the layout use and let's see if that works.