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Installing Toolset and Choosing a Theme for a Directory Site

Directory and listing sites make use of almost all of Toolset’s features. You will need the following Toolset plugins for most directory sites:

  • Toolset Types – lets you set up the custom post types, fields and taxonomy, that will hold the listing items
  • Toolset Blocks – your design engine for how content appears on the site’s front-end
  • Toolset Forms – lets you build the front-end forms, that allow visitors to submit and edit their own directory items
  • Toolset Maps – needed for directory sites that show information on maps
  • Toolset Access – needed when you want to control what different people and roles can do on the site’s front-end and back-end

Check out our page for details on how to install and register Toolset plugins.

Since you need complete control how every page of your directory and listing site looks, we recommend that you pick one of the themes that are integrated with Toolset.

Introduction to Toolset

Watch a video overview of top Toolset features and how they help you build advanced custom sites.