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[Gelöst] Pagination controls not working anywhere on the site

Dieser Thread wurde gelöst. Hier ist eine Beschreibung des Problems und der Lösung.

Problem: Pagination controls have stopped working in all Views.

Solution: A bug was introduced with the Maps 1.5 release, and an update is already published.

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I am trying to: I notced pagination controls are not working in any view. I think it happened after the latest Toolset plugins update. Someone already asked forr your help with the same issue:

I did everything what Beda suggested but it's not working.

Link to a page where the issue can be seen:

I have a site copy without this update and paginations work there.

Can ypu help?



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Hi there

Sorry for the inconvenience, pagination controls are broken because of a bug introduced with Maps 1.5. The developers are already working on this and will release a hotfix to solve this, possibly as soon as later today.

Please keep an eye out for the update, and if you still see problems let me know.



Ok, thank you for help.