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[Resolved] Pagination no longer working

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Last updated by ruudd 2 years, 10 months ago.


I am trying to:
Add pagination to search/results pages. I´m pretty sure it used to work, but I must have done something. Tried several things, to no avail. Now it is not even showing up on the front end.

Link to a page where the issue can be seen:
hidden link
hidden link

The site is in staging phase; I can provide login credentials for you guys to see.

I expected to see:
Previous/next buttons linking to a next page.

Instead, I got:


I think you added the pagination to the wrong editor, in the View/Archive that you use there.

Can you ensure that the Pagination is inserted either in the Loop Editor (but outside the loop) or in the Filter Editor?
It should not be in the Layout editor at the bottom of the View!

If that is the case already, then could you try this:
- create a new simple view with the same Post queried
- add the same query filters
- add a simple loop
- add pagination

If this works, then the issue is with that View/Archive only, and could be determined by disabling piece by piece sections of the View, such as remove additional HTML/CSS/JS, queries and other content, until it works again.
That will then tell what exactly breaks the features.

You can easily duplicate Views in the Views' list!
That can save you the time of "recreating" something over and over.

As well, if that helps nothing, it'd be needed to test the with no other plugin or theme but Toolset/Native WordPress Themes, before we could proceed in a deeper debug process.

I suggest backing up your site before you do such steps, even if no data will be lost usually.


Hello Beda,

Thanks for you reply; I made various copies and experimented with one variable per copy. Still I couldnt find a definitive answer; my best bet is that it has to do with the distance (address) filter.

But Im going to leave things as they are for now; and no longer make use of pagination. Which is OK.

Thanks for the guidance.

Kind regards,