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[Geschlossen] How to display LMS style child posts in the sidebar?

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Last updated by Luo Yang vor 2 Jahre, 11 Monate.

Assisted by: Luo Yang.

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I am trying to create an LMS using Toolset. Of course, I have the option to use an LMS but almost all the LMS I have come across are very costly and do not fit into my budget. No doubt some of them do offer a free version, but it has some limitation or the other. This is why I decided to build a custom LMS.

I am using GeneratePress Premium, Beaver Builder + Beaver Themer & Toolset.

To achieve this, I have created three CPT's viz Courses, Chapters & Lessons and two relationships viz Courses Chapters (one to many)& Chapters Lessons (one to many).

Courses would have chapters, and chapters would have lessons.

The setup so far is working perfectly fine, and I have added the posts in all the three CPT's.

Now I would like to display the child posts in the sidebar and post contents in the content area. The sidebar would display the child posts in the following manner.

XYZ Course
|- Chapter 1
|-- Lesson 1
|-- Lesson 2
|-- Lesson 3
|-- Lesson 4
|- Chapter 2
|-- Lesson 1
|-- Lesson 2
|-- Lesson 3
|-- Lesson 4

A working example can be seen at "hidden link"

Any help would be highly appreciated.





It needs a nested post views, for example, you can try these:
1) Parent post view
- Query "Chapter" posts
-Filter by:
Post type relationship between Courses and Chapters
- In views loop. display:
Post title + below child post view

2) Child post view:
- Query "Lessons" posts
-Filter by:
Post type relationship between Chapters and Lessons
- In Views loop, display the post information

3) In single "Course" post content, display the parent post view's shortcode


Hi Luo,

I went through the steps but found it difficult to replicate it in my installation.

I would appreciate if you could write it down the process step by step so that I could replicate it precisely the same way.

BTW, as I was browsing the Toolset site, I happen to come across the course section. For e.g., this page This is what I would like to achieve with the only exception that it would be displayed in the sidebar.




Please share your website credentials in below private message box, I can setup a demo for you, thanks


Hi Luo,

I have been tested positive and isolated myself.

On the other hand, my daughter is having her online exams.

We have only one laptop which I have sanitised and given it to my daughter.

Once her exams are over, I will reply back with all the required information.

Until then, can you please place this request on hold?




I have marked this thread as "Waiting for feedback" status, please update here when your test site is ready

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