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Convert existing custom types and fields to Types control in WordPress

If you have already declared custom post types and taxonomy in PHP you can use Toolset Types to manage them.

Converting custom post types and taxonomy

To convert custom post types and taxonomies you have to:

  1. Remove the PHP that declared these custom types. Normally, you would remove them from functions.php in the theme. Once you do this, all your custom data will appear to have vanished. Do not worry. It just is not shown.
  2. Add it using Types. Make sure that you use the exact same slug. The description can be different but the slug is crucial. If it is different, the old content will not be shown.

Now you should see all of your content.

Converting custom fields

To convert custom fields you have to:

  1. Create custom field groups. You should leave them blank (without adding any fields). This is because we will go and add the existing fields to them.
  2. Go to Toolset → Custom Fields and click the Post Field Control button. On the Post Field Control page, find the fields you are interested in. On each field’s row click on Change assignment and, in the pop-up dialog box that appears, select the corresponding group you created in the first step. Then, for each one of the desired fields, click on the Change type link and select the option you find appropriate.

Your custom fields will now be under Types control.

mars 9, 2021