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[Gelöst] using form Conditional Display don't capture all data

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Last updated by davidZ-4 vor 2 Jahre, 8 Monate.

CPT missing data.jpg
form with Conditional Display.jpg
form without Conditional Display.jpg
full form 1.jpg

I am trying to: use form Conditional Display and save data to the DB

Link to a page where the issue can be seen: hidden link

I expected to see:
all the data fields populated into the form

Instead, I got: partial data from the form is saved into the created post

Without form Conditional Display when submitting the form, the data is saved correctly into the DB with all the populated fields
See "full form 1.jpg" with all the data and "form without Conditional Display.jpg" for the form layout

When using Conditional Display and submitting the form, only data from the last fields display on the form are inserted into the DB.
See image "form with Conditional Display.jpg"
The data from the hidden fields (after they were populated) are not been captured.
see "CPT missing data.jpg"

my goal is to create a form with a few steps (more then 2) to fill in the data. the Conditional Display seems like an interesting solution but it have this bug as well as the limitation of the max number of steps available to display the form fields, two (2 - as I understand it).

Please advise,



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Hi David

Are you saying that if a form includes some fields which the user completes, then another field selection hides those previously completed fields, then those hidden fields do not get submitted with the form and the data is lost?

If that's the case, then it is expected, fields which are not visible when the form is submitted are not saved.

The goal here is to create a multi-step form, is that correct?

In that case the method we typically recommend is to create a post form for the initial step, then as many edit forms as you need for each of the subsequent steps, chaining them together, as described in this thread


Thanks Nigel,
Yes you understand the issue I have very well.
ok, so if this is an expected behavior I get it. I didn't see this documented or I overlooked it if it is.
what about a solution like hidden link
the question is will the hidden fields will be omitted as well with this method.

I understand the implementation described in the proposed solution but its very cumbersome for large forms (I have lots of data to collect...).

I guess there must be a way to use one form with displaying on the screen just the grouped questions, when a user click next scroll down to another section on the page where another fields group is displayed. this way the user is not redirected to another page for each grouped fields and can go back in the form. this might require some CSS and JS.
Do you know of such implementation or can point me in the right direction that will be great.


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