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[Gelöst] Timetable (schedule, opening hours)

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Last updated by Ljuba vor 5 Jahre, 5 Monate.

Assisted by: Nigel.


==> Tell us what you are trying to do?

Due to complexity of the project, I was forced to think how to save fields and queries by creation of the sort of 'universal' 'Timetable'.

A) Basically it should to cover 3 different time usage (from part of Types point of view).

  • Separate hours and minutes (ie of usage - Transportation departure - 'static' by nature)
  • 'Dead' times ('static', with exclusive purpose to display data)
  • 'Normal' time ('dynamic', with purpose to show actual time)

As above is pointed, first two types are by nature 'static' with no other purpose than to only shows inserted values in frontend.
Third type have purpose to display 'real time' (ie - Opening Hours).

All of them should to be mixed as they use some of the same fields and same conditional logic (what should to increase performances). Example, days in the week, Open/Close (as 'static' data), holidays, ... In other words, they visually complicate view of 'post construction', but they will not affect the question of topic. However, explanation was necessary.

Construction of Types is done and it works well.

B) There are 3 different types of 'Timetable' hours.

  • Horario habitual ('normal' known 'opening hours' per days in week)
  • Horario para todos los días ('normal' known 'opening hours', but equal for all days in week)
  • 'Special Timateble' ('normal' known 'opening hours' per basically, holidays)


How to set it to show 'opening state' per entire day and/or per selected calendar day (Abierto/Cerado)?

C) To ordinary fields of the known construction of 'Opening Hours' was added 3 different, but in essence same options.

  • Holidays (official)
  • Holidays (local)
  • 'Special Days' (basically holidays, but added by client)

Common feature is that it is about ENTIRE SPECIFIC CALENDAR DAY/DATE


How and where to determinate in permanent base (mean for every year) calendar days for Holidays? So, when client select 'New Year' for 'opening hours', it should to be for those 3 or 4 days of holidays. Obviously, it should to be previously done by Administrator. But how and where, plus how to connect it?

I know simple way. Let user to manually select calendar and name of Holiday (that's how it is done now), but can it be done in automatic way (to fill database with all holidays and than that by user selection it will be set automatically)? It is not so big deal here in 'Timetable', but if we add Events issue, it will be nice to get it in automatic way.


Is it possible to get so, called 'expiration time'. Example - 'It is still open 35 minutes' (logically - current time count)?

==>Is there a similar example that we can see?
Yes, it is already build in my test site.

==>What is the link to your site?
Nigel knows.



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I have this in my queue and I'll spend some time going back over what we had before when we have nailed down how the post types etc. are set up in the other thread.


1) I left old test site untouched (with Types 2).

2) I think that I successfully transferred it to negocios test site (see demo page at hidden link).

3) Abierto/Cerado not working well not even in old (original website - see at hidden link).



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I was just too busy to look at this before wrapping things up for my week off (it is custom code we are looking at), but I don't think you are going to be in a position to implement this in the next week anyway, so I will revise it when I'm back.


You are right and it is just fine to get it after vacation. I will not shut down test site, but I already started with 'clean' domain site version (so, Genesis and Elementor are in). I will add same credentials to it to enable you access after vacations. However, on another ticket, you will see update of the situation.

Nice vacations.


As it looks how Repeater Groups now works fine and fact how I have now different kinds of schedule (classic 12:00 format and separate hours and minutes format) probably will be best idea to first redoing entire Schedule as Repeater Fields Groups instead of child CPTs.

What you think?


Some progress here?



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I haven't looked at this again yet because I've had several other tickets of yours concurrently, and I have to balance the support I give you with support for other clients.

As this ticket is based upon custom code, and so strictly falls outside of our support policy, I've been leaving this one until I have finished with your other tickets. (Right now I have another 4 tickets of yours in my queue as well as this one.)


That's just fine. Thanks for effort and wish to help me.



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OK, we are back on this.

I have read through the previous post and this one, looked through what you have on your current site, and made myself some notes on this thread so I'm back up to speed.

I'm also taking an updated copy of your site where it will be easier for me to debug the shortcode and what's happening.

I'm done for the day and it is a long weekend, but I'm poised to tackle this now.


Unfortunatelly, i still didn't finished it, as I was in problems with other issues (you know for some - one is still on with Beda).


1) GOAL is to make it multistage with saving on fields (one question is below).

2) There are 'static' (irrelevant for you - "Tipo de horario" fields with values 50+) and 'dynamic' (relevant for you - "Tipo de horario" fields up to value 50). 'Static' will just use same fields for different 'schedule' types where current time is not relevant (function should not apply).

3) You saw several same kind but different fields (hours fields). Question is - Is it more rational to use only two of those (start and end time, both 24 hours) or to let it as it is, set by logic (afternoon time contain only afternoon logical values of time)?

4) VERY IMPORTANT There are more than one post type for function Abierto/Cerrado. P.S. - I will change text in Views, depends on usage, so, keep same for all.


Hi, Nigel will return tomorrow to continue assisting you with this ticket.


Thanks for info. No problem.



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Hi Ljuba

This is just another quick update to say I haven't had a chance to look at this but will when I can, which won't be until after the weekend (I'm off).


No problem, but please just answer>

Is it more rational to use only two of those (start and end time, both 24 hours) or to let it as it is, set by logic (afternoon time contain only afternoon logical values of time)?

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