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[Gelöst] Change sender in email notification after submit post

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Set the email of different sender for each post created by CRED post form.

Solution here:

Relevant Documentation:

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I have a CRED form to create a custom Post Type. I need to notify a user (dynamically) when a new post is create. I see, in Notification Settings, that I can set recipient by a custom field... There is a way to set sender by a custom field? Or I have to set sender statically?




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Hi Marco,

Thank you for contacting Toolset support. I beleive you want to set email of the sender. By default, WordPress sends notifications from the site admin name and email. You can override it by setting a different ‘from’ email and name.

Please follow the below link and check the “Who sends the notifications” section.

Thank you


Hi Noman,
Yes, I have to set the email of the sender. But what I really need, is to set it dynamically. So, I want a different sender for each post.




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Timezone: Asia/Karachi (GMT+05:00)

Hello Marco,

We have another client who had the similar issue and was also able to solve it, solution here:

I hope it helps. Thank you


Yeah, it works! Thank you so much!