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[Gelöst] Allow drag & drop ordering of field groups

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Last updated by filipV-3 vor 4 Jahre, 2 Monate.

Assigned support staff: Luo Yang.


this is a suggestion for something simple but pretty needed everytime:
Allow drag & drop ordering of field groups. Not the items within a field group, but the field groups itself. User field groups, Post field groups, etc.
Reason: to allow users/admins to see the content in the cronology that makes sense to the developer.
It's not very inviting to have to make a php function all the time for some ordering, and make changes through that 🙂
(existing ordering plugins don't handle toolset ordering)



Luo Yang

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Dear Filip,

Are you going to setup the default order of the post field group metabox? yes, you are right, there isn't such a built-in feature within Types plugin, and I forward it to our developers to evaluate.

And each post field group is a wordpress metabox, so when you edit a single post/page, you can drag and drop the post field group meta box to where what you want.


Hi Luo, yes that's correct, thanks for forwarding this suggestion.

True that i can order the metaboxes on the page, but that would only have effect to my login rank. For other ranks, fe customers, that wouldnt make any change, as i discovered much earlier.

Kind regards