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Displaying Search Results on a Different Page in WordPress

Toolset allows you to display a custom search form on one page and show the results on another.

Here’s an example of a real estate site where the homepage only has the custom search form.

A page with only the search form

When a user submits the search form, you can take them to another page with the results based on the options they selected.

A page displaying results that users selected on the previous page

Steps to display results on a separate page

There are two main steps to display the custom search form separately from the results:

  1. Create a View that displays the custom search and results.
  2. Insert the View you created into the page where you only want to display the search form.

Let’s break this down into more detailed steps.

Creating a View that displays custom search and results

  1. Create a new page or edit an existing one. This is the page that will display the results for the submitted search.
  2. Insert the Toolset View block and in the wizard turn on the Search option.
  3. Design your custom search including both the form and results.

Inserting the View into the page where you want only the search form

  1. Create or edit the page where you want to display only the custom search form.
  2. Insert the Toolset View block and select to use an existing View. Select the View you created in the previous step and click Use View.
  3. In the right sidebar, look at the Custom Search Settings section and select the Only the search form option.
  4. In the section about where to display the results select the On another page option. Finally, select the page where you originally created this View.
mars 9, 2021