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[Resuelto] Filtering by custom field date range

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Problem: I have tried to add a custom field date filter but it doesn't seem to work correctly. No results are found in the View, but there are posts that have matching custom field date values. The filter is configured as "The field Online Event Date is a DATE that is greater than or equal the following: TODAY"

Solution: The "DATE" data format doesn't work well with Types date fields, counter-intuitively. It's best to choose the number or unsigned data type when filtering by a custom date field created in Types.

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I am trying to display a view based on date. I have my CPT (Online Events) with entries which have dates set before and after today. These all display fine when "The field Online Event Date is a DATE that is greater than or equal the following: TODAY" is removed. But as soon as I add it in, I get the message that no online events can be found.

Any ideas as to why the view won’t work when this filter is enabled?

Kind regards,


Hi, is the "Online Event Date" field a custom date field created in Types? If so, then it's best to change the comparison from a DATE datatype to a number datatype:
The field Online Event date is a NUMBER that is greater than or equal the following: TODAY

Types date fields store dates in the database using a Unix timestamp format, which is basically an integer. If you're making comparisons against it you should choose "number" as the datatype. Let me know if this filter still doesn't behave as you'd expect and we can take a closer look.


Hi Christian.

That has solved the issue. I never thought to try NUMBER. Duly noted.

Thank you very much for your help.

Kind regards,


My issue is resolved now. Thank you!