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Deleting Content from The Front-End in WordPress

Toolset allows you to add links for deleting posts from the front-end. Usually, you place them in the template for displaying single posts, or in Views that lists posts. Only users with correct permissions can see and use these delete links.

Follow these steps

  1. Edit a View or a Content Template where you want to add delete links.
  2. Insert the Fields and Text block and in its editor, click the Forms icon.
  3. In the dialog that opens, look in the Other Toolset Forms actions section and click the Delete Post button.
  4. Select the options for the delete link and what happens when it’s clicked.
  5. Click the Insert shortcode button.
Delete link used in a template for displaying single posts

Main Toolset Block Used in this Lesson

Zeigen Sie Standard- und benutzerdefinierte Felder an

Mai 22, 2020