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Introduction to Custom Types for Business Sites

Custom types and fields can greatly improve business WordPress sites. When you use custom types, you make it easier to manage the site’s content and you separate between content editing and design. This allows to build sites faster and to run them for years to come.

Business sites often use custom types, with their fields and taxonomy to hold:

  • Products they offer
  • Services they provide
  • Client testimonials
  • Information about their team

and much more!

What Are Custom Types and How They Work

Quick introduction to custom types in WordPress, their history and usage.

When and Why You Should Use Custom Types

Custom types help you organize and structure your business site. They also give you the basis to add advanced features.

Using Custom Fields vs. Taxonomy

Sometimes, you can add the same information to your posts using either custom fields or taxonomy. But what you choose will impact how you further develop and expand your site. Learn the differences between the two and best practices when deciding which one to use.