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Creating Custom Post Types and Custom Fields

Toolset lets us create custom post types, fields and taxonomy through the WordPress admin, without writing any code. In the chapter you’ll learn how to do it.

Creating a Custom Post Type

Start by creating a custom post type for items you want to separate from the rest of the content. For example, on a real estate site, this could be "properties", "agents" and so on. Or, an online learning site could have "lessons", "teachers", etc.

Using Custom Fields vs. Taxonomy

You can often achieve the same by using either custom fields or taxonomy. But what you choose impacts how you will develop and expand your site. Learn the differences between the two and best practices when deciding which one to use.

Creating Custom Fields

Use custom fields for adding any information to the items in your site. You can add fields for anything like deadlines, images, addresses, checkboxes... Really, anything you need.

Creating a Custom Taxonomy

Use custom taxonomy to group and categorize items in your site. For examples, a site about books could have a taxonomy for "genre" and allow you to categorize books that are "fiction", "history", "science", "kids", and so on.