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[Resuelto] Importing An Ongoing Feed via XML or JSON

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Hey guys,

General question about if Toolset can be used for a certain scenario.

We are working with a client on a Charter Yacht site. There is a third party that provides a feed of all Yacht available to charter via XML or JSON.

We need to take that feed, import it to our site and provide a searchable directory.

This feed will updated periodically when yachts are added, changed, etc. Those changes will presumably be sent via the feed so that our site can update them accordingly.

Here is a link to the XML schema for the feed that we provide. hidden link

An example of sites that are using this feed/XML schema.
hidden link
hidden link

Both appear to be WordPress, though I don't know if they use toolset, or how they're rendering the schema.

Anyway, don't need to go into deep details on how to do this. Just wondering if Toolset can work with XML schema feeds like the example above.

Be Well!



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Hi Daniella,

Thank you for getting in touch.

Unfortunately no toolset isn't able to import these feeds. What toolset can do however is to display the feeds in a way that you want it after it has been imported to your site.

What is needed here is a tool that can live import the feeds into wordpress. Perhaps something like the plugin below.
hidden link

This is actually instructions from a paid plugin but its pointing you in the right direction since Toolset isn't able to import the feeds themselves.




That is excellent feedback, and we have been looking at RSS feed plugins like Feedzy .
I saw that the Toolset team also published a post on WP RSS Aggregator recently.
What plugin do/your team recommend working with? There are a few out there, all with different recommendations, but I'd personally be interested in seeing which the Toolset team recommends as we would be importing that data into Toolset custom posts and fields.




Languages: Inglés (English )

Timezone: America/Jamaica (GMT-05:00)

Hi Daniella,

Yes we do have a blog post about this. It is actually a guide as well.

As mentioned the Toolset plugin itself isn't able to import the feeds but it can display them once it has been imported.

The plugin that was recommended in our block post is the WP RSS aggregator.

Please let me know if this helps.


My issue is resolved now. Thank you!


I m unable to install map in my site

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