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[Resolved] Review registration and Posts

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Thank you for your great support so far. I do have another question:
Is there a way to preview a new registration by an admin before giving access to the page?
The same question if a member is logged in and creates a new "post" using a custom post type. Is there a way to let this preview by an admin before releasing this post to the public?



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Hi there

You have a user registration form and you don't want the users to have access until approved by an administrator?

WordPress doesn't have something like a draft status for users, when they are created they are active.

But you can set your user form so that the users are initially given a low-level role such as subscriber, and when the administrator reviews the new user they edit their profile and change the role to what it should be. If you don't even want the provisional user to have the rights of a subscriber you could create a custom role (with Access) that has no rights.

When a member publishes a post you want it to be reviewed by an administrator before publishing?

You can change the publish form so that the created post has a status "Pending review" (in the form settings), and then the administrator can edit the post and publish if acceptable.


My issue is resolved now. Thank you!

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