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[Resolved] Maps -> Marker -> Popup

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ich habe mir Toolset neu und bin bisher begeistert.
Derzeit beschäftige ich mich mit de Plugin "Maps". Ich habe es auch schon hinbekommen in einer Karte mehrere Marker auf Basis einer View anzuzeigen.
Was ich aber noch suche ist, dass ich bei Klick auf einen Marker ein Popup mit dynamischen Daten (aus dem erzeugenden Beitrag) angezeigt bekomme. Trotz intensiver Suche habe ich dies nicht gefunden.
Das es irgendwie funktionieren muss, zeigt mir das Beispiel auf dieser Seite:


I have a new toolset and have been enthusiastic so far.
I am currently working on the "Maps" plugin. I have already managed to display several markers in one map based on a view.
But what I'm still looking for is that when I click on a marker, I get a popup with dynamic data (from the generating post). Despite an intensive search, I have not found this.
The example on this page shows me that it has to work somehow:



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Hello. Thank you for contacting the Toolset support.

If you are using Map block - map block offers the place "Pop-up content" at bottom right part of right sidebar where map options displays as you can see with the following screenshot - you can add your dynamic marker popup content to that section.

If you are using the classic views to display the map, here is the guide how you can add marker popup content.


Thank you for your reply.
But that's not what I mean.
How can I dynamically populate a marker popup with data from the post?
Here is the example again:



Languages: Englisch (English )

Timezone: Asia/Kolkata (GMT+05:30)

I understand what you are saying.

When you click on the "Edit" link available just besides the "Pop-up content" section, when you click on that "Edit" link it will offer you popup where you can add the shortcode to display the dynamic content and you can add those shortcodes by clicking on the "Fields and Views" button icon as shown with the following screenshot.
=> hidden link

I hope this information will help you to resolve your issue.


I know that, but there I can "only" insert fields, but no blocks.
Do I have to do the formatting myself with html / css at this point?



Languages: Englisch (English )

Timezone: Asia/Kolkata (GMT+05:30)

I know that, but there I can "only" insert fields, but no blocks.
Yes, thats correct. You are not able to use the blocks there directly within the "Pop-up content" section.

But I think I have workaround to share:
- You should create a content template using blocks and design that as per your requirement and save it
- Then, go to your map blocks Popup content section and click on "Edit" link that will offer you the popup for editing
- Then, click on "Fields and Views" icon and from the section "Content Templates" select the content template you created
- save your popup content.

Do I have to do the formatting myself with html / css at this point?
- If above solution does not work for you, you should go ahead and design with html / css as per your requirement.


Thank you. That was it.
My problem was that I had assigned my templates to post types. That is why they were not offered for insertion.
Many thanks for the help

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