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[Resuelto] Toolset Settings > WooCommerce Blocks – not showing all expected options

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Screenshot 2021-08-03 16.50.25.png

I am trying to:
- Set the appropriate template for WooCommerce single products, via Toolset Settings > WooCommerce Blocks

Link to a page where the issue can be seen:
- hidden link

I expected to see:
- Various options including template selection (this used to be on its own page in the Toolset menu)

Instead, I got:
- One styling option (see screenshot)

I have:
- Switched to a default theme
- Deactivated all plugins except for Toolset and Woo
- Switched between Toolset Views and Toolset Blocks

Nothing seems to help. At the moment the wrong template is being applied to single products, so this is a pretty major problem


UPDATE: I have managed to resolve the immediate problem around the display of products. However, the issue in the ticket remains and as we have other sites affected also I look forward to hearing your take on what's going on.



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Hello. Thank you for contacting the Toolset support.

Since the release of Toolset Blocks 1.5 we changed how templates and Archives are assigned for Woocommerce Product. The WooCommerce settings page is removed and you will not have to set any manual settings.

Please check the section: "Easy Assigning of Templates and Archives to Products" with the above blog post.

Now, when you create an archive or a template, it’s applied. If there is no template or an archive for a particular item, the default WooCommerce templates are used instead.

There is no need to set any additional options on the Toolset → WooCommerce Blocks settings page anymore. Actually, that page became redundant so we removed it.


My issue is resolved now. Thank you!