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[Resuelto] Open Link in Source

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Display the original post link imported by plugin "WP RSS Aggregator".


The "WP RSS Aggregator" plugin is using a custom field "wprss_item_permalink" to store the original post URL:

[wpv-post-field name="wprss_item_permalink"]">

Relevant Documentation:

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Last updated by Luo Yang hace 5 años, 10 meses.

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On the home page, hidden link, a post title will link out to the post source as I have the following in my functions file: add_filter( 'wprss_ftp_link_post_title', '__return_true' );

An example on the home page would be the post, 5 Strange Foods Around the World. That same post is in this Custom Post Type, hidden link. Notice the first post title which is the same as that on the home page. The View is:


  • [wpv-post-link]
  • </wpv-loop>

with the Taxonomy filter:
"Select posts with taxonomy:
Brands the same as the page where this View is shown"

I would like the posts in the Custom Post Type (example Backroads) to open in the source like they do on the homepage and not on the single post page which doesn't go anywhere.




To avoid any misunderstandings, please elaborate the question with more details, and describe detail steps to duplicate the same problem, if it needs other plugins/theme, please provide a downloadable URL of them.

I assume we are talking about this problem:
1) open URL
hidden link

2) click link "5 Strange Foods Around the World",
it redirects user to URL:
hidden link
But you expect to below URL, which is a single post URL
hidden link

Can you confirm it?


Yes, exactly. I want to know how I can get the post link to open on the backroads site when I click the link on the Tour Operator page. It's working correctly when I open the link on the home page. The other plugin I'm using is RSS Aggregator. I'm just not sure how to get the links to behave the same way. Thanks!


As you can see, it is a compatibility problem, I need detail steps to duplicate same problem, I have tried the plugin "WP RSS Aggregator", download from:

There isn't similar problem as you mentioned above.

Please provide a copy of your website
You can put it into your own google drive disk, and share the link in the "private detail box", I need to duplicate same problem and debug it in my localhost, thanks


Thanks for the details, I am downloading the file, will feedback if there is anything found


The "WP RSS Aggregator" plugin is using a custom field "wprss_item_permalink" to store the original post URL, so I have modify the codes in your website as below:

<a href="[wpv-post-field name="wprss_item_permalink"]">[wpv-post-title]</a>

Please test again, check if it is fixed or not. thanks


Thank you so much!!! It works.


You are welcome

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