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[Resuelto] I can't view my installed plugins

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This is the technical support forum for Toolset - a suite of plugins for developing WordPress sites without writing PHP.

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I am trying to: This my second attempt to submit this support ticket. First one could not be submitted. After clicking on the button submit it, it gave an error, asking me if I really want to submit it but by then all of the information I typed in got lost.

I have not used Toolset for many years. When I did, I found it to have full of bugs and lots of limitations. I wanted to have another go today and I am not very happy even before I started using your plugins. I have just installed the plugins through your installer plugin and now I cannot view my installed plugins. Instead, I see a Welcome to Toolset page with a link to a Youtube video.

I also tried to include the information from the debug page but you form did not acknowledge the information and did not allow me to submit this form with it so I removed it.

So far, I am not really happy with Toolstet and after so many years and updates, it does not seem that much has not changed.

You advertise your product as a product that can be used without knowing coding. I really hope this can quickly be resolved so I can move on and probably delete toolset and be done with it for good.

Link to a page where the issue can be seen:

I expected to see:

Instead, I got:


I cleared the cache and restarted the computer, and it is now working. Thanks

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