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[Resuelto] How to have a parametric search on archive / category page ?

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Last updated by Emmanuel hace 7 años, 10 meses.

Assisted by: Itamar.


I am trying to: have a parametric search which work on category / archive.

I visited this URL: (a lot of urls of this forum but don't find a proper solution)

I expected to see: I just want to have a parametric search on category index or archive.

Instead, I got: it's create a bug.


So I have a WordPress website with Genesis Framework.
I have reviews of products in a category.
I want to create a parametric search on the index of this category.
I try to change a .php file, as example category-2.php (in this cas the ID of my category is 2).
And in this php file I call a view with the parametric search with the php api (or do_shortcode).
It's work. I see the view on this index page... but I see that the "url base" in the code is not good, so the parametric search don't work very well, and it's change the base url of my other scripts.
I read several topics on this forum but it's seems that there is not a proper solution... so I want to keep this structure (in order to have an automatic Breadcrumb who works and keep a SILO structure).
Is it possible ?
I try too, to create a CPT and create a view, that I put in the output of the archive view. Same problem.
Can I send my WP admin details to an moderator (by example Luo Yang) in private ?

Or I have an idea, it's to create a page with the same slug of the category. So we could put on this page a good view and have no problem, but wordpress give the priority to see the category index instead the page... maybe we could think about it 🙂

I see that there is a beginning of this logic here :
But it's not work properly, as we read in the last comment. Maybe a coder could think about it and we could have a proper solution... (I think for a lot of people here !).

Thank you a lot in advance,



Ok I think I find a custom solution.

I create a mini code that I add in functions.php with "add_action( 'parse_request'" and if I find the URL of my page, I will query the page.

Seems to work as I want 🙂
Maybe it could help someone !

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