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Certificates Validation

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I need to create an option in the front-end to let visitors validate certificates.

Those are offline certificates, the certificates come with a code, and the visitor should be able to enter the code on a field to validate the certification.

Any ideas on how to approach this? Should we create something with custom post types & custom fields where we will be able to enter the information of the certificate along with the name of the student(and other details) and then have the front-end field be a search box? The thing is I need to display only the specific student/certification and not just results, and when the code is not valid should say that is not valid...does it make sense?

Any ideas?


Luo Yang

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I think it is possible, for example, you can try these:
1) Create a custom post type "Student"
with the custom fields:
- name of the student (and other details)
- Validation code
2) Setup a post view with custom search form:
- Query "Student" posts
- filter by custom fields:
name of the student + certification code