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Display Dynamic Sources Inside all Text Blocks in WordPress

Toolset allows you to display Dynamic Sources, like custom fields, inside any text blocks including headings, buttons, and more.


You can find the Toolset’s Inline Fields button inside WordPress core blocks, Toolset blocks, and popular block plugins.

To display any Dynamic Source inline, insert or select a block with a text input and look for the Inline Fields button. Dropdown menus will appear, allowing you to select a Dynamic Source.

Toolset Inline Field button in the Paragraph block’s dialog

Toolset Inline Field button in the dialog of the core Paragraph block

Toolset Inline Field button in the Genesis Testimonial block’s dialog

You can change the format of certain types of custom fields (dates, taxonomies and excerpts), by clicking on them.

Selecting a format for a date-based field

If at any time, you want to select another field for the inserted inline field, simply click on it and use the dropdowns.

You can display the Post title with a link and Author Posts Link fields inline using the following blocks:

  • Core Paragraph
  • Core Heading
  • Toolset Heading

Fields containing HTML tags are not available in most blocks. This is because outputting links and other HTML inside blocks can break their output.

Because of this, the preview of links has HTML removed in the backend editor. The field’s text remains, of course.

Limitations on displaying Inline Fields

Currently, there are two limitations on where and how the Inline Fields feature works.

Inline Fields work in blocks using RichText inputs

Toolset Inline Fields automatically work in all blocks that use RichText input.

However, if a block uses the simple text input, the Inline Fields button is not available.

Inline Fields values don’t update live in the backend editor

Inline Fields display Dynamic Sources like custom fields and standard WordPress fields. As these fields are dynamic, their values can change at any time.

If a value of any field that you display using the Inline Fields feature changes, this will be automatically updated and reflected in the backend editor only for the Toolset Button and Toolset Heading blocks. Currently, all other blocks do not automatically refresh the values of fields displayed inline.

Of course, on the front-end, dynamic sources will always display the current (i.e. updated) version of the value, as it’s stored in the database.